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Welcome to "tyronet" - we are trying to use this wiki to get a grip on the web...and community...and its relationship to the media.

Why "tyronet"?

Honestly, we were trying to be cool.  We looked for names which we thought would be memorable and describe what we do.  If you want to check out our losers - we put them up here (TyroNet Stuff/Wiki Name Losers).

But also - we did some research and found that Tyro is from Latin tiro, "a young soldier, a recruit," hence "a beginner, a learner."

So it not only makes us look and sound cool (at least in our minds) - but it is pretty cool.

What are we doing?

Did you not read the meaning of tyro?  Seriously - we're learning.  We want this to be a place where people can come and learn about the web, how to build/grow/cultivate community all with a media focus.

Why a media focus?

Because it's our day job.  We work in the newspaper, TV and internet business and we are trying to figure it all out.  Some people claim we are dinosaurs waiting to be killed - but we think we can change and learn.  That is what we plan to do here.

So sign-up and let's figure it out together.


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